February 20, 2012

Fitting Clovers

Once again, I seem to be a bit late to jump on the bandwagon. I have finally made up my muslin of the Clover Pants by Colette Patterns . To be honest I really didn't know if this style would suit me. I am a 18-20 in the Big 4 patterns or a good size 16 in RTW. However, I was pleasantly surprised with these.

The back of the pants look good. I will increase the back rise by about 1.5cm.

The front is ok but I do have a lot of excess fabric in the crotch area. Pants for Real People suggest a Flat Lower Belly Adjustment.

I did originally make up the muslin in the largest size 18 as I was inbetween sizes. I took it in an extra 1cm down the side seams and 0.5cm down the inseam, so I am a size 16 in this pattern.

The fabric I chose was a navy stretch cotton drill from Spotlight but I really don't think it has enough stretch. I can stand in these pants but sitting is a bit difficult... A new fabric is needed.

Changes needed:
  • Increase back rise by 1.5cm
  • Remove 1cm from front crotch seam (Flat Lower Tummy adjustment)
  • Increase calf width by 1cm
  • Size 16 not 18
  • Select a fabric with more stretch (also a softer fabric)
I want to make the final pair in a black wool gabardine for work and a navy stretch cotton for casual wear.

L x

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  1. You're so lucky they fit with so few adjustments! I had to make 3 muslins and still needed to tweak them for both pairs I've made. Can't wait to see your 'good' pairs.


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