July 26, 2014

Sew: Tessuti Mandy Boat Tee

Still more Jaywalk! I bought enough for two dresses and this tee. After making my Jaywalk competition dress, a Colette Moneta and this tee, I still had more. I cut out a Brigitte Tee and I have a little bit left which I'm going to use to make an Ali knit skirt. When I unpack my fabric in about 9 months...

I made this tee up over a month ago. The day before I got sick actually. I then promptly wore if for a whole week while sick and then every opportunity I get. Love this tee!

From reading reviews I noticed that the sleeves were often reported as tight. I have large arms. Always have, always will. So I knew I would need to alter them. I simply slashed the sleeve piece straight up the middle on the straight grain, leaving a tiny piece of paper at the shoulder seam to act as a hinge, and spread the pattern piece by 2.5 cm. Perfect sleeves!

Project Details
Pattern: Tessuti Mandy Boat Tee
Fabric: Jaywalk jersey in black & natural (no longer listed online)
Alterations: Widened sleeves by 2.5 cm
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My only word of warning with this pattern is that besides the slight adjustment on the sleeve piece, I made it up exactly as is. No alteration for length or size. I'm tall and a plus size so if you're short and petite, take this into consideration.

I really love this top and I think Tessuti have done a wonderful job in drafting this pattern. I'm looking forward to trying out the Brigitte top as soon as I find some space in my disappearing sewing room.

L x


  1. This is a perfect top on you. Just love it.

  2. Another winner! Must make up this one too...

  3. Lovely. I love it in the stripes. I've just made one too and I have skinny arms and am short and tiny frame so I can't carry it so well at all, but the sleeves fit me perfectly. I did shorten it by about 5cm to a good length on me. I will try again taking out about 5cm from the centre of both body pieces and see how it goes.

  4. The Jaywalk and the Mandy go together so well! I took 5cm in width off both sides & love it - it's such a comfy top! I might see if I've got enough of the neutral colourway to make another version ;)

  5. I think Tessuti draft their patterns with you specifically in mind, because they all suit you so very well! Nice work on the arm adjustments, looks like you've got it bang on. It looks comfy as :)

  6. I love a good stripey tee! I made one the other day, but I confess I cheated as I just cut around a RTW one :) That jaywalk fabric would be perfect, it is such divine fabric - I wish it came in other colours.

  7. This looks gorgeous. I love that necklace with it, too.

  8. Thanks Suzy! It's my fave necklace too.

  9. It's great having my own pattern company!! Love this super comfy tee.

  10. Add it to the list! Thanks Anna.

  11. fabulous top! Stripes are always so good.

    Hope you get your sewing room and jam jars back again soon!


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