January 12, 2014

Sew: Vogue 8810 in crinkle linen

I finally finished this dress! I can't believe I actually finished it. The sizing is all over the place on this pattern and due to this the dress sat half finished for a few months. I took it along to Sewjourn in December and made myself sit down and finish the darn thing. I have real trouble finishing an item if things get a bit tricky, preferring to move on to new projects instead of fixing the current project.

I'm not enthralled with this dress but it's ok and I will actually wear it. I wore it to the park on a very hot and windy day and it was perfect. No full skirt to fly up, no heavy knits. Just a lovely cool linen.

I made a navy cotton/silk slip to wear underneath it but I stuffed it up. I don't think it's too sheer to be indecent so I'm going to wear it without a slip.

I originally made this dress according to my measurements (a size 22!) and erred on the side of caution as the reviews say it can be tight. It was swimming on me! After unpicking the waist, I took 5cm off each side seam which brought it back to my usual Vogue size 18. I could possibly go down another size, but I didn't want the button gaping when I sat down. The waist tie draws it in nicely. Once it was all finished the armholes were sticking out and were way too low. They looked comical and a bit indecent as my bra band was showing. After umming and ahhing about what to do, I sewed the side seam in an extra 5cm at the armhole tapering to nothing before the waist. I then simply tacked the excess seam back. It seemed to work perfectly.

Not such a good photo of me (I kept talking) but it shows the now ok armhole.

Project Details
Pattern: Vogue 8810, size 18
Fabric: Santorini look linen from Tessuti
Alterations: 4cm sway back adjustment, took in armhole an extra 4cm (!!), removed 5cm width from each shoulder seam
Notions: Buttons from Buttonmania

I was planning on using this pattern for my Britex floral rayon but will now use Simplicity 1880. I'm seriously thinking of throwing this pattern in the bin. It will probably sit there for a few years before I do.

What's next on the sewing table?? I have no idea. I have no motivation to sew whatsoever. I think I might make the boys some summer pjs. Mr N surprised me this morning by asking for a Liberty shirt "just like daddy's". How can I say no?! So that might be on the cards soon too.

What's on your table? Come on, inspire me!!

L x


  1. Hi Leith,

    The dress looks fine. I particularly like the belt. In fact it's a good item for the hot weather we are having. I agree with you I find pattern sizing is a real hit and miss affair.

  2. I got nothing to inspire you with, but I'm glad you kept going with this one. It looks really chic and understated - I love it. I've totally lost my sewjo - I think maybe I overdid it at Sewjourn?

  3. Good save on the dress. I am with you on leaving difficult projects and moving on. I am a little over clothes sewing at the moment, so have moved onto a quilt. Nice straight lines - no fitting!

  4. I think that you'll wear it quite a lot! And it's fine without the slip. That mojo will return, but maybe it just needs a few weeks off. Mine has just reappeared, thank goodness. I spent some time thinking and planning rather than sewing. And you should DEFINITELY make the kids some Liberty shirts! Your boys have good taste.

  5. I have this pattern and was going to make it up - but you've talked me out of it. It really looks nice on you but the struggles with the pattern just don't sound enjoyable! You guys sewed so much at Sewjourn that I'm not surprised you are a bit sewn out. Liberty for your boys? Too cute!

  6. This looks really nice on you. I'm on a shorts kick at the moment an have just finished my second pair of Grainline maritimes. Tomorrow's project is a Dr Who tardis T short for by boy... Not sure that will help you though!!

  7. I actually like that dress a lot. It looks very nice on you and I just LOVE linen in summer. I wonder if it will grow on you. Sometimes dresses I make surprise me. I can be a bit ho hum with them at first and then they become my every-second-day uniform.

  8. I made this last week and wire it all day, I used voile and it was perfect in the heat we are having. I agree about the sizing, I cut a size smaller than I usually wear. I was very unsure about it as I made it, but I might consider making another one soon, the only thing I really disliked was the odd collar/band.

  9. This looks darling on you and it's always nice to know the issues others have with patterns. Thanks for posting this.

  10. Despite all your fitting woes, this dress looks really nice. Lovely and cool for our summer weather.

  11. I think that looks lovely - as you say so cool. Congratulations on finishing something you struggled with. Cheers, Karen

  12. Despite your struggles with it, I think this dress looks really nice on you! It may need some time in the magic closet before you warm up to it - I know that happens a lot with me and my makes :)

  13. I really love this dress! As soon as I saw the photos I wanted to buy the pattern, but then I read your description and am having second thoughts. But it looks fantastic on you, despite the angst it took to get there.

  14. Good save on this dress, especially the armhole gape. It was at the top of my "make" list but your review has made me think a muslin is good idea. Looking at the Vogue pic, the shoulder width does look excessive, something I had not noticed until you pointed it out. Can't help you with your sewing mojo unfortunately - must be this crazy heat! Hence why I am heading to Spotlight today to find some thermal blockour curtaining fabric (yawn!).


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