December 08, 2013

Snap: Weekend

I have had the most fabulous weekend. My mum came down for a visit. We explored the city, visited the Big Design Market and went to Bendigo to see the Modern Love exhibition. It was lovely to get out there and explore this fabulous city and region.

The Modern Love exhibition was wonderful. I really enjoyed studying the clothes and reading the history of the designers. It is not huge but well worth the trip to Bendigo. My favourite items were the Dior red dress and the Chanel yellow sequin jacket. I was also very impressed by the dress made out of several silk scarves. Lunch at Masons of Bendigo was delicious.

My mum wore a lovely dress to Bendigo that she made from a piece of Mood Fabrics cotton sateen. I bought one metre when we were in LA thinking that it would be fabulous for a pencil skirt. My mum spotted it on her last visit and was quite fond of it. So I gave it to her. It really suits her and is totally her style. As she's quite a lot shorter than me, she managed to squeeze a sheath dress out of it. I think she looks lovely. 

[Edit: Mum tells me the pattern is McCalls 5818. Looks likes a good one!]

Back to reality and another work week. One week until Sewjourn!

L x


  1. Cannot wait for Sewjourn. I am dying of a cold/sinus infection - it's the only thing keeping me going! What pattern did your Mum use for her sheath dress?

    1. I knew you would ask that! I can't for the life of me remember. Will ask her when she gets home and amend the post. I am really hoping to knock these Christmas presents off before Sewjourn so that I can sew for myself.

    2. Haha, that's because it looks like the perfect sheath! I am sewing one thing for Little M & the rest for me. Me me me!!

    3. The pattern is McCalls 5818. Looks interesting!

  2. what a great excursion, I would love to see that exhibit. thanks for sharing.

  3. Your mum looks fabulous! So sad I'm missing Sewjourn! Please let me know next time you are having a sewing catch up and I'll hopefully make it down.

  4. That dress looks great- your mum should blog too :)

  5. So glad you got to go to Bendigo. The exhibit is great and the food at Masons is yum.

  6. I love that your mum sews fab clothing too, very cool. Looks like you had a great weekend


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