September 15, 2013

Sew: Lady Skater Dress FIXED

Hello! We got home yesterday from the States after an amazing 3 week holiday. I'll post some photos soon. Before we left I sewed quite a few garments that I haven't blogged. I'll post them slowly over the next few weeks. You may remember my failed Lady Skater Dress that I was hoping to take with me. I was about to hack it apart but decided to attempt to fix it instead. I'm so glad I did because it is a fabulous travel dress! I took it in another 5cm on each side seam all the way from the sleeve hem all the way to the skirt hem. This fixed it beautifully. It still dips a bit at the back waist hem but it is so comfortable to wear. The fabric is delicious!

Project Details
Pattern: Lady Skater Dress
Fabric: Black bamboo knit from Clegs
Alterations: Shortened bodice by 5cm, shortened shoulder seam by 2.5cm, took an extra 5cm from each side seam

It is certainly not perfect but it is fine for long car trips and hanging around the house. The fabric is very lightweight and drapey making every seam very noticeable. I didn't bother hemming it.

The first photo is of me in the middle of Nevada. We drove from Yellowstone to Yosemite in two days. The second day was supposed to be more leisurely but we had to circumnavigate the massive fire in Yosemite instead of drive through the park from the eastern side. This added an extra half a day and about 400 extra miles. When we finally got to Yosemite we couldn't see anything for all the smoke! Thankfully it cleared up after a day or so. It is such an amazing place.

This next photo was taken looking out towards the Grand Tetons from our cabin at Flagg Ranch near Yellowstone. We spent a few days here exploring and catching up with Mr Sew Brunswick's brother and his family. They're based in Salt Lake City so it was lovely to spend some time with them. This was our view for our evening drinks. We even sat in wooden rocking chairs! It was perfect.

L x


  1. Great dress and it sounds like an amazing holiday :)

  2. Your dress looks great. Beautiful scenery.

  3. nice that you were able to fix the dress!

    The States is on my list (at the top!) of places I must visit. looking forward to your photos

  4. Wow. That is the perfect travel dress. Glad you kept it.

  5. Cool!! Can't wait to see some more travel pics :)

  6. Great save on your Lady Skater Dress. Looks comfy and perfect for travelling.

  7. Glad you were able to fix it because it looks great now! I just cut my lady skater out this weekend and started it, until my serger started acting up and i had to take a break.


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