August 06, 2013

Travel: Gold Coast & Darling Downs

The Sew Brunswick family sure does get around. Besides Mr Sew Brunswick, travelling extensively for work (about one week in three), we've been to Queensland four times this year and are about to head to the States for a holiday. I LOVE travelling. The airports, Qantas lounges, planes, backpacks, new places and seeing family and friends. Love it.

We headed back to Queensland a few weeks ago for Mr Sew Brunswick's parents 70th birthday party. We saw all of his side of the family (all but one niece who was studying) for the first time in 3 years. We came from Salt Lake City, Mudgee and Melbourne, meeting at his parents place near Toowoomba. It was a lovely time.

Before heading west to Toowoomba, we headed south to the Gold Coast for a night without the kids. We handed the boys over to my parents for 24 hours. Perfect. 

After a short break, we're back in the reality of kids, work, childcare, bake offs, earning frequent flyer points and a bit of sewing. I'm exhausted thinking about it all...

L x

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  1. I love travel, too, and since we have a baby and a young toddler, we're not doing much at the moment. Your travels sound lovely! I hope you have a great time here in the States. It's such a long way!


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