July 11, 2013

Make: Polymer Clay Necklace

Following on from Rachel and Anna, I just had to make a polymer clay bead necklace. My boys love a bit of arts and crafts action so we hot footed it to Spotlight and stocked up. It was such a fun activity to do with the boys. They made bees and snakes. I made beads!

As I was lacking imagination, I simply followed the tutorial on A Little Red Ribbon. I have now made heaps of beads in red, pink, pearl, yellow and charcoal so can make more necklaces when I feel the urge. I simply stopped after I made one for myself!

In my search for inspiration, I came across a few good sites for the same sort of thing. All worth a read!

Henry Happened
Meet me at Mikes
Design Files
What. No mints?

Yes, that is a new Alexa Tee Top! I love it but haven't had a chance to snap a photo. I see a maxi dress in this fabric in my near future...

L x


  1. Very cool. Perfect with that lovely stripey fabric :)

  2. Love it, I must do this with my kids.

  3. This is a great idea! I didn't realise you could buy the clay from Spotlight, definitely going down on the 'to craft' list.


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