June 10, 2013

Sew: Tessuti Anita Ponte Pants

Is it ponte or ponti?? I never know.

I made two pairs of these Anita pants on Friday in addition to catering for the Melbourne edition of Mr Sew Brunswick's birthday celebrations plus the usual kid wrangling and appointment attendance. They are so super quick and easy.

This pair are made from a piece of black ponti I picked up at Rathdowne Remnants when I noticed they had just got a huge shipment of ponti. I also got a charcoal and black printed piece which became the second pair. I'm hoping to wear them soon.

I'm not sure if they're entirely flattering on me but they sure are comfortable and I wore them all weekend around home and to do errands such as the market shopping. The photo shows me wearing them with ankle boots, but I do prefer the look of them with ballet flats instead. It was just too cold to bare my ankles at that time in the morning!!

I lengthened the leg by 7.5cm and might even add another 2.5cm next time. To avoid the dreaded muffin-top, I added an extra 5cm to the recommended elastic length. I really like how they skim the hip and sit quite high but not too granny-ish.  

I really want to make a funky printed pair in a good quality ponti. I'm hoping Tessuti get some more soon!!

Project Details
Pattern: Tessuti Anita Ponti Pants, size 14
Fabric: Black ponti from Rathdowne Fabrics
Alterations: Lengthened leg by 7.5cm, added an extra 5cm to elastic length 
L x


  1. I wouldn't have thought of making leggings out of ponti. Looking good!

  2. They're great! And I agree - so comfy. Looking forward to seeing your printed pair. Xx

  3. Wow you are boldly going where I have zero confidence in 2 areas - stretch fabric AND pants!!! They look great and very slimming.

  4. I also have a black pair of these ready to photograph. Great minds dear!

    1. Do you feel like you're wearing glorified trackies?!

  5. I have made a pair of these in black too and yes, my husband calls them my glorified trackies! But oh so comfy

  6. I made 2 pairs out of the Tessuti printed ponti and it is fabulous. Well worth the $$ as it is really thick and forgiving.


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