June 25, 2013

Explore: ACMI Hollywood Costume Exhibition

Last week Mr H and I got a bit bored at home and decided to catch the train in to the city. Just for fun. I wanted to see the Hollywood Costume exhibition at ACMI and it was fabulous! I wish I could have spent hours looking at the amazing costumes but my little explorer wasn't that keen on Dorothy's dress. My favourite exhibit was the before and after costumes of Cruella de Vil. Amazing how the same outfit can be transformed into completely different costumes with some mean shoulder pads and a hell of a lot of sequins. I was also very surprised at how bright the green was in the green 'curtain' dress from Gone with the Wind. The exhibition is definitely worth a visit!

We also stopped for a crepe at La Petite Creperie on Swanston Street. The salted caramel crepe is delicious!

L x

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  1. I really want to see this too - might go in next week with young M. She's probably about as keen as Mr H though!


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