May 08, 2013

MMM: Day 8

My work week is done and dusted. This 3 day work week is a bit of a killer. Trying to do a full time role in a part-time capacity does my head in at times. But it is Wednesday night and tomorrow is all about my kidlets (who happen to have fevers), so it is time to shift from work mode to mother mode. I need to keep reminding myself that I can't have it all! But I'm going to give it a red hot go!!

Today I wore an old dress that I made for my return to work after Mr H. This is the first dress that I encountered my sway back issue and I took it to a Tessuti class for guidance. I learnt a lot in that class and I now do a sway back adjustment for all dresses with a straight back. I don't worry about fitted bodices with full skirts.

Last May during MMM - long sleeves

I originally made this dress with the long sleeves. I never seemed to wear it and was thinking why I didn't wear it. The main reason was that the sleeves made it look a bit dowdy and I couldn't wear cardigans over the top. So I decided to unpick the sleeves and finish the armholes with bias binding. Perfect!

It has definitely improved the dress and made it a keeper.

Outfit Details
Dress: Vogue 8511 made in a Japanese cotton from Tessuti
Other Items: Dinosaur Designs bangle and earrings, Jigsaw belt, blue suede Camper shoes, black opaque tights & black wool Country Road cardigan

L x


  1. Ooh, I have this pattern but have never made it up. After seeing this, I think I must do and soon! Very smart and elegant.

  2. It looks good sleeveless. Great call now you can wear it more:)

    I wish people were more honest about the juggle, it's such a huge expectation gap going back after mat leave.

    1. The juggle is huge!! I also find there's a mental juggle between career woman and mother. Finding a balance is hard. Some days I want to go save the world and others I accept that my main role now is mother (which I'm cool with!). It really depends on what day it is and what mood i'm in.

  3. Yeah, I really don't know how you manage to do it all. Sometimes I struggle just looking after me!! Go the sleeveless look - so much more versatile than with sleeves!! Looking goo :)

    1. Thanks Melanie. It is all made easier with a big glass of wine or gin!


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