May 04, 2013

MMM: Day 4

A morning out running errands, visiting Rathdowne Fabrics and getting my hair cut. Not sure if I like my new hair cut but thankfully hair grows back! I always hate my hair cut when it is new and then grow to like it when the style grows out a bit.

These are my new Clovers that I made using the adapted pattern following the Pant Fitting Class at Tessuti (way back in March). The crotch issue is improved but still there. I might just have to accept that I have a ditch between my thighs and hip. The waist fits really well. I can't seem to get good photos of these pants as the fabric is a cotton sateen and photographs terribly. The photos make me want to throw these pants in the bin! I'm still wearing them, we'll see how I feel about them later in the day. It might be time to move on from Clovers. We might not be a good match.

Outfit Details
Top: Snake print tank - made from Tessuti jersey pre-blogging
Pants: Colette Clovers in black cotton sateen (not blogged yet)
Other items: Black wool cardigan from Country Road, Walnut shoes and Dinosaur Designs jewellery.

L x


  1. So stylish as always! When I first saw the picture I thought the pants might have been leather, everything looks great.

  2. Wow... I have to take example from you and be less casual in the weekend :-)

  3. I am enjoying watching your MMM


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