January 18, 2013

Garden: Summer

I love my vegie garden in summer!! It is going nuts this year and I can't keep up. After a few years of poor production, I've finally found my groove and it's paying off. I do love a bit of peace & quiet in my garden watering. That doesn't happen due to my very insistent helper but one can always dream...

I've got zucchinis, cucumbers and basil coming out my ears. Mr N has taken to eating whole cucumbers straight off the bush. He's not so keen on zucchinis but the CWA comes to the party with a great zucchini slice recipe. 

The beans have been a great success this year. They are my fave vegetable and Mr N is also very keen on them. You have to be quick and pick them before he finds them. The beans are slowly being overtaken by the pumpkin vines.

It does look pretty cool though and it is starting to sprout little pumpkins everywhere. The eggplants and capsicums are coming along nicely and will be a good change from zucchinis and cucumbers!

So there's my little vegie garden patch. Not bad for a carrot farmer's daughter who ended up in the middle Brunswick. But not a carrot in sight...

L x


  1. There's nothing better than picking vegies/fruit from the garden and turning them into a delicious meal.My favourite smell in the garden is the tomato plant followed very closely by basil and mint.

  2. I have courgette coming out of my ears as well. I love them on the barbecue, made into pickle or zucchini chocolate cake....yum! I will be picking my tomatoes in a couple of days and have had more strawberries and raspberries than I can cope with so raspberries are frozen for muffins.


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