December 27, 2012

2012: Sew Brunswick

It is that time of year that we all start to reflect on the year that has just been and look forward to the new year and a fresh start. I started blogging in February 2012, so not quite a year has been documented. I thought I would take you all on a little walk down memory lane.

First up, the tally of items. Prepare yourself! I made a total of 90 items. Yes, you read correctly. 90. Nine - zero. I almost fell off my chair!

The breakdown is as follows -
Jackets: 6
Dresses: 19
Top/Blouse/Vests: 14
Skirts: 10
Pants/Shorts: 4
Bathers: 1
Accessories: 2
Boys: 29
Husband: 1
Gifts: 4

I can safely say that I don't buy many clothes and that I wear mainly me-made items. My boys also only wear me-made pants & shorts.

Now that we've got the figures out of the way on to the reflection.

The Most Worn Items of Sew Brunswick 2012

By far the most worn item I made this year is my black wool Minoru jacket with Liberty lining. You can't go out in Melbourne during winter without a coat and this was my go to jacket for 2012.

The second most worn item of 2012 would have to be my Summer Minoru jacket. I love this jacket! It also happens to be the first item I blogged on Sew Brunswick.

If I had to chose only one pattern for my work wardrobe, New Look 6000 would have to be it. I love the fabric as well as the pleats and the little cap sleeves. I try to restrain myself and only wear this once every two weeks!! I have another on my cutting table but can't decide between pleats or no pleats...

Despite it being a bit big across the shoulders and that the fabric is starting to pill, I wear this casual blazer all the time at work. An air conditioned office combined with industrial fridges and a strict temperature control means jackets are required all year round. I am waiting for my Cordova Jacket pattern to arrive so I can branch out!

I never really blogged this dress properly but boy do I wear this Vogue 1250!! If you haven't made Vogue 1250, I implore you to. It is a wardrobe staple.

The Proudest Items of Sew Brunswick 2012

My black wool clovers took a bit of tweaking but the fit is spot on and I love the style. I look forward to perfecting my pant fitting skills further in 2013.

I am really proud of the finish of my New York Cape. I took my time and it really paid off. I really love the overall look of this cape. And other people must have loved it because I know of two spin-offs!
I couldn't believe how easy these bathers were to make. I wear them a lot and they stay up! Bonus!! I've got another swimsuit cut out and I really want to make another vintage style one-piece before summer ends. 

How could I not love my 30th Birthday dress?! I love the fabric and I love the style. It's not perfect but I'll always remember this dress.

My first adult size men's shirt. Sure I've made numerous little boys shirts but this was my first for Mr Sew Brunswick. He deserves more! If only I could sacrifice my selfish sewing time for other people...

The Failures of Sew Brunswick 2012

I loved this dress, until I wore it for the second time. The fabric was the problem. It pilled and quickly lost it's appeal. I do still wear this around the house. It is super comfortable and I can't quite let go.

Once again the fabric was the main problem. It went dull very quickly and is now kind of fuzzy. I also cut the hem a bit too short for the style and the hem is uneven. I've never worn this again after its first outing.

I wore this dress a few times but I can't get over the fact that the shoulders are too wide and I used too stiff interfacing in the collar. It also reminds me a bit too much of my school uniform. I have it hanging in my sewing room, waiting for me to chop off the top and make it into a skirt. 

I never wear this linen Renfrew despite wearing the black version quite frequently. The waist band is not flattering and the neckline gapes. I have taken it in since this photo but it still doesn't venture out of the wardrobe. I don't think cream is my colour...

Look at the fit!! It is awful. It is not a good sign when there a very limited versions of a pattern on the internet. Vogue 8272 is one of them! Why am I then tempted to try the cowl version in my beautiful Alannah Hill red wool crepe??

The Year that was 2012
2012 has been good to me, both personally and professionally. I've been back at my job for just over a year and now feel that I can get stuck in to developing myself and my unit. I made the decision to start a blog and it was a very good decision as I've met so many wonderful like-minded people who love to talk sewing and drink numerous glasses of champagne! I've almost lost my sanity attempting to mother my two boisterous boys, often whilst Mr Sew Brunswick was gallivanting (aka working) all over the world. They are good boys, and I think I've done a good job. I've lost 7kg and learnt to run. I've finally learnt to embrace my curly hair. We've travelled and had fantastic holidays together as a family. Most of all, we've got out there and explored this wonderful world we live in!!

The Year Ahead for Sew Brunswick
Sew 2013 will see me attempting to slow down and reduce the number of items I make and focus on more technical and complex construction. I really want to perfect my techniques. I hope to make a tailored jacket or two, learn to knit and try my hand at sewing underwear. Besides sewing, I want to branch out again with my cooking. We've been in survival mode this year, so I hope to try new things and spice things up a bit. I've signed up for the 15km Run for the Kids and hope to lose the next 7kg. I want to keep travelling and exploring, opening my boys eyes to the world around us.

I really don't hold much hope in slowly down. It's not in my nature. But we can always try!

So bring on 2013 and Happy New Year to all my lovely readers.

L x


  1. What a brilliant look-back at 2012 - the good, and the not so good (in your eyes). 2013 is going to be an amazing year...J...

  2. WOW 90 garments in 1 year... amazing! I'm so glad I discovered your blog and I've been loving reading so many of your posts and am looking forward to reading the ones to come in 2013. I too am looking forward to focusing a little more on improving my technical skills and construction processes... and losing more weight as well. This year I lost 20kgs and would like to lose around 10-15more in 2013. This year it felt like I no sooner made something that fitted me well and then I'd either have to take it in or in most cases make something else LOL. Looking forward to sharing 2013 with you... and thank you for sharing your journey with us :)

  3. You are my hero!

    90 garments in one year.. and those garments are beautiful - all fitting your lifestyle and shape!

  4. Sounds like it's been a fabulous year - you are the prolific sewist I thought I was until I did a similar tally! hehe. If you're keen to try your hand at sewing some underwear, you should join me over at the bra sewalong Cloth Habit is hosting. Starts in a week or two :)

  5. Great summary of your year and you have made some wonderful items. All the best for your plans for 2013!

  6. 90 garments! That's fantastic and so many for your boys which is brilliant. I am definitely keen to try the Minoru jacket, especially after seeing your versions. I also have some of the same lycra that you make your bathers out of. Maybe I will put those off until next summer. Have loved reading your blog. Thanks for your kind comment on mine re: sick kids.

  7. 90!!!! That's amazing!

  8. What a great post on 2012. 90 makes plus a job plus little boys is very impressive. After reading this I decided that I needed to make a tally too to see what the year had actually delivered! You have so many standouts for the year, but my favourites are the swimmers and your summer Minora. I'd never seen one done like that before, it's great. And as you say so perfect for Melbourne.


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