July 29, 2012

Snap: My week

My week has been HUGE!! Mr Sew Brunswick has been in South Africa for a week, so after wrangling the kids and work I've been collapsing on the couch in a state of stupor every night. I so nearly lost my sanity in those 7 days... I've also been hit with a bit of house decorating fever so I've been stretching fabric, hanging frames and navigating Ikea. We've been for a drive in the country and packing our bags for a tropical holiday. To finish it all off, today I went for a long run for some much needed peace and quiet. 

Not much sewing, I have finished a dress which I think may be my favourite work dress to date (big call!) and I have a black ponti knit blazer with polkadot binding in progress.

It's all happening over here at Sew Brunswick!!

L x



  1. Feeling your pain...when our kids were little Mr Sew-Happy House was often away in far flung places for weeks on end. So nice when they come home :) Sounds like you've achieved heaps this week.

  2. Oooh some pics of the dress please! :) And the blazer is sounding like a very comfortable winner.


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