July 13, 2012

Home: Kid's Room

I spent all day yesterday cleaning out our house. We don't have a particularly big house so it needs a clean out every so often to stop the accumulation of stuff. I haven't finished yet... I've still got the study/sewing room, kitchen and lounge to go. I am also only half way through our bedroom. I did however completely clean the boy's room. From head to toe, even the skirting boards!!


So I thought I would share the kid's room (before they mess it up again!!). I made the curtains years ago before I got really serious about sewing. The fabric is from Ikea. I also made the doona covers and cot sheets. The doonas are made using screen-printed fabric (and inspiration) from Sprout Designs and the denim is from Kelani.

It is a happy room.

L x


  1. well done for that.

    does stuff ever accumulate ... as if their normal toys mess isn't enough, my school-aged son keeps bringing home big projects he made from bottle caps and card board and he wants to keep them FOREVER.

    I have given myself a deadline until the end of august I will half their toys and just the general stuff around the house :-)

  2. Nothing like the satisfied feeling post cleaning workout. It looks great!

  3. Wow that looks great and neat. Wish my small house was neat like that. Where are the cleaning fairies? Oh hang on that's me. I did my son's room last week and getting some new wardrobes built (I hope I can afford them) so I can get rid of the bits and pieces furniture asap.

  4. I love your boys room. I am trying to steer my boy away from Character bedding and something more stylish like your car print. ( so far I am having no joy)


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