June 24, 2012

Sew: Black Knit Merino Renfrew


My sixth Renfrew! However, this is the first time I've made the long sleeves. From previous experience I've learnt to make the bands tighter than suggested to stop them stretching out and becoming baggy. I also made it two sizes smaller than previous and shortened the long sleeves. I am going to make another of this style in a charcoal wool. They are perfect for layering for a Melbourne winter.   

Project Details
Pattern: Sewaholic Renfrew Top - View A (scoop neck and long sleeves)
Fabric: Black Wool Knit Merino from The Fabric Store
Alterations: Shortened sleeves by 4cm, cut size 14 and took in an extra 1cm each side, removed an extra 1.5cm from waistband so it was tight fitting.

Love our coffee at the markets! This sums up my little family perfectly...

In other news, I got my hair cut yesterday. It has gone really crazy curly (for me) after having the boys. What is with that?! So my hairdresser is slowly getting me used to curly hair. I'm starting to come to terms with this... Has anyone else had this issue after having kids?

I finally caught up with Rachel from Boo Dogg and Me yesterday for coffee and a spot of fabric and pattern browsing. Oh my, we have so many things in common and it is fabulous to finally have a friend that is as sewing obsessed as me. We actually went to a cafe that had a sign on the front door "No Hawkers - or bloggers!". That provided a bit of a chuckle. Thank you Rachel! Let's do it again soon.

And a quick question, does anyone know where to buy boardshort fabric? You know the stuff that is quick drying and is a bit shiny on the inside?? I need to make some swim shorts for our upcoming holiday.

L x


  1. It was great to catch up with you!! And I loved being able to talk about patterns and the like without having to explain all the background stuff ... like these are a pair of Clovers.... instead of these are a pair of cigarette pants from a pattern called Clover by an independent pattern company called Colette.

    Hope to see you again soon!

  2. Leith, I have had a similar experience with my hair - only it happened for me when my youngest was about 5-6, and I had grown my hair out from it being cut short!! My hair's longer, and I love the natural curl I have now :-)

    I really enjoy following your blog and seeing your projects, especially as you're a very similar size and build to myself, with a style I really admire. Thank you for sharing your mods and notes, I'm inspired to try a Renfrew for myself, amongst other patterns you've shared!

  3. There's a US store called rockywoods that specialises in outdoor fabrics. I've just ordered a sample of the gore-tex (possibly for a waterproof Minoru). I think I saw fabric for boartshorts there if you can't find anywhere closer.

  4. Aha! I knew you were the queen of Renfrews so I came to check out what you had to say about the pattern before sewing up my first one tomorrow, and lo and behold, here it is in the same fabric that I'm about to make it in! I managed to score some of the Merino in The Fabric Store's sale bin on Sunday. It's good to see that the fabric suits the pattern, as I'm still learning that part by trial and error. Your version looks great!


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