June 29, 2012

Harvest: Lemons

My lemon tree is seriously rocking this season! This is the second batch and I'm about to harvest the third. I love all things lemon (except diet coke with lemon = morning fresh...) and am a huge fan of lemon curd.

The Cook's Companion by Stephanie Alexander has the goods. It is the best lemon curd recipe I've found. The key is to strain the lightly beaten eggs as you add them to the hot ingredients. I also use slightly less sugar than suggested as I really like tart lemon curd.

I'm off to make another batch as this jar is already half empty. I'm about to crank the oven and bake some Macaroni Cheese and Lemon Delicious Pudding for dinner tonight!

Have a good weekend!

L x


  1. Wow! I wish lemons grew around here! Looks really yummy!

  2. My lemon tree is not quite so prolific this year and my mandarins are non existant. I think I should have paid more attention to watering it over the summer...woops!


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