May 21, 2012

Sew: Burda Cropped Jacket

This is my second foray into the world of Burda Style patterns. My first was the Allison swimsuit which was a relative success. I am not a fan of these patterns for two reasons... The size range is not extensive which is not good when you are a generous size. Plus the instructions are horrific (if they exist at all)!! I threw the instructions out the window for this jacket and just put it together. The welt pockets in the front seams caused too much confusion so I just stitched them closed. I also seemed to miss the front bands and therefore couldn't do the snap closures so my jacket doesn't close. I'm ok with that.

I would recommend a heavier fabric for this jacket. It needs some structure to hold up the neckline and keep it on your shoulders. A good simple unlined cropped jacket for those who know how to sew and don't require instructions!

Project Details
Pattern: Burda 5/2011 Three-quarter sleeve Jacket #121
Fabric: Metallic blend fabric from Tessuti Melbourne
Alterations: skipped the front bands and snap closures (not an intentional alteration but it worked), also stiched the welt pockets closed

I wouldn't mind making this again in a suitable fabric for work to avoid wearing cardigans all the time.

Can you see the two unfinished items under the jacket? One is the bodice of a dress for my party next weekend and the other is a black ponti knit pencil skirt. Fingers crossed I can finish the party dress in time!!

L x


  1. Cute jacket! Jackets like this are always handy item of clothing I think. Not too warm, not too cold. I'm getting increasingly envious of everyone's autumn/winter sewing popping up everywhere.

  2. I've just started cutting out the pieces for the Bella pants which will be my first attempt at a burdastyle pattern. After a quick look at the instructions I'm feeling slightly apprehensive, but hopefully I'll be able to wing it like you have and come home with the goods! Great jacket :)

  3. I really love your little jacket! I've sewn a lot with Burda-patterns and I've actually made a muslin of this very jacket. I found the instruction to be sort of OK (not Burda's proudest moment, but still). If you are making another version of this jacket in the future, feel free to contact me. I think I might be able to explain the construction of the pockets, even though english is my second language. :-) Thanks for a great read!


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