May 03, 2012

Crafternoon in the morning!

Hello friends! I have made the most amazing discovery. Now, I am quite keen on cafes, coffee and morning tea but this often doesn't mix well with two small kids. Male kids in particular. Add in the fact that Melbourne has given up on Autumn and plunged straight in to Winter. Cold, dark and miserable. I was pondering this morning what to do with the kids on a miserable day and I remembered reading a review of a cafe called Crafternoon. What a delight! Sausage rolls, a plastic cup and some crayons for Mr H to keep him happy whilst Mr N and I set about making a collage and a badge. Throw in some delicious coffee and fruit toast to make one happy lady (and two happy kids)!

Excuse the bad iPhone photo of my outfit (and the fact I have my eyes shut) but I had my hands full. On Day 3 of Me Made May I'm wearing a McCalls 5926 tunic with a black t-shirt and tights. If you want to see a review and pictures of the dress, check out this post the Lisa from Tessuti wrote last winter.

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