March 06, 2012

Working Mum Meals

I work 3 days a week and my husband travels a lot for his work. So a freezer full of food is a necessity for my sanity. Every second Sunday I cook and stock the freezer and fridge for the weeks ahead. My all time favourite meal that can be prepared and then frozen is Jamie Oliver's Quick Tomato Macaroni Cheese. It is full of tomatoes and basil and is not too cheesy. I know, macaroni cheese is supposed to be cheesy. But I like it this way. And the best thing is, the boys eat it!!

The recipe states that it serves 4 people but I split it into two baking dishes and it does us for two meals and leftovers for lunch. I don't do the 400g of mozarella, opting to just grate some over the top. I freeze one dish and pop the other in the fridge for later that week.

Highly recommended, from my kitchen to yours.

L x

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