March 31, 2012

OWOP - Renfrew Week

OWOP is over. I wore a Renfrew top every day for an entire week! I am hanging to wear a dress. I didn't realise how much I love dresses.

But I do love the Renfrew top!! I have a white knit linen ready to be cut. Watch this space.

Thanks Tilly for organising the OWOP Challenge. I greatly enjoyed it and hope we can do it again next year.

L x


  1. Lovely!! I did OWOP with a dress, it was hard!! I am new to sewing and found dresses easier to make... Shirts look scary.. sleeves and buttons.. stretch fabrics... I hope to make some tops this year :)

    Great job, the Renfrew looks great on you.

  2. Great week and a great bunch of tops. You have convinced me now to buy the pattern :)

  3. Funny, I was hanging out to wear a dress as well!

  4. Lovely! It's funny how we miss the garments we can't wear! I'm really happy I can wear a Breton top today!


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