March 03, 2017

Sew: StyleArc Hedy Designer Dress

I'm surprised there are not more Hedy dresses on the interwebs. It's such a great pattern for a dress that's a bit different. I couldn't work out in my head if it was going to work in a stripe so I decided to just go for it. It is only fabric. And I'm so pleased with how it worked out! There was no stripe matching at all for the top. The only thing I tried to match was the side seams in the skirt section.

I opted for the neckline facing and have only tacked it down at the seams. I may go back and topstitch it down all the way around at 1 cm. I'll see how much it annoys me. I chose not to include the pockets as I didn't want any extra bulk in that area.

Project Details
Pattern: Style Arc Hedy Designer Dress, size 18
Fabric: Tessuti Fabrics Dusty Liner Blue viscose jersey
Modifications: Lengthened short version by 10cm, omitted pockets
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There will be another of these. I'd like a plain colour one. Probably black or charcoal. Of course.

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