December 18, 2016

Sew: Printed Tessuti Frankie Dress


Another day, another Frankie dress. This is my fifth attempt at this dress. I just can't give up on it. The first was in a ponte and wasn't stretchy enough so was gifted to a friend. The second was in a pink jersey and it was unwearable as you could see every lump and bump so that one was gifted to Savers. The third was a winner and was my black midi version. The fourth is a spotty version that is finished but yet to be worn. And this here is my fifth that I wore this afternoon for our street's Christmas party.

This version is a summer dress. Short sleeves with the short dress length. I added some width to the sleeve and will add more again next time. I'd like the short sleeves not to be fitted. I only added an inch to this due to fabric restrictions. I bought 2m and the pattern says 1.85m. I will buy more next time so I can add another 2cm or so. I also added 1cm to the centre front by laying the pattern piece 0.5cm from the fold. I find the pattern narrow across the shoulders and chest. My navy spot version has 2cm added so we'll see which I prefer once I wear that one.

Project Details
Pattern: Tessuti Fabrics Frankie Dress, short sleeve/short dress, size XL
Fabric: Painted Leaves Navy, viscose/elastane jersey from Tessuti Fabrics online
Alterations: Lengthened by 2.5cm, slashed and spread sleeve by 2.5cm, added 1cm to centre front, omitted jelly tape from back neckline
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I haven't finished with the Frankie dress pattern yet. I'm determined to make it work. I really like the neckline. I like that it's high and provides sun coverage. I've just discovered Sewing with Kate's shoulder adjustment to add width to the shoulder seam. I'll be giving that a go next time.

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