October 08, 2016

Sew: Tessuti Frankie Dress

Tessuti have done it again! They've created a simple yet stylish classic pattern. So many possibilities! 

Frankie and I got off to a bit of a rough start. My first version was in a stable ponte and the arms and upper chest were way too tight. The second was a muslin that I intend to wear as a nightie. Unfortunately, my test version was in a very stretchy jersey so I didn't pick up on the continuing fit issues. This version is made in a black viscose jersey from Tessuti that I've used before many times. This time I ordered 5 metres to keep me going for a while! It is completely wearable (and I will wear it often) but there are a few issues that I'll fix for the next version. 

The first main issue is that the arms are too tight. I will slash and spread the pattern piece, like I do the Mandy boat tee, and add about 2cm at the hem. I think this will fix a lot of the problem but I also think the shoulders and neckline aren't wide enough on me. I think I will try adding a centimetre or two to the centre front. I just want it to sit wider across the top. Not very technical but I think it will work.

Otherwise, it's a really great pattern. I omitted the elastic in neckline and it seems to be fine. The played around with the length of the sleeve and skirt. The sleeves were hemmed at just above elbow length and the skirt is half way between the two skirt pattern lengths. A good midi length.

Project Details
Pattern: Tessuti Fabrics Frankie Dress, size XL
Fabric: Hashtag black jersey from Tessuti
Alterations: Length is half way between the two dress lengths, sleeves hemmed to elbow length, omitted clear elastic in neckline
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So what do you think? Have you made the Frankie dress yet?

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